2020 Township Board Meeting Minutes

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2020 Long Rapids Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

Do you want to be a volunteer firefighter? Check out the Fall 2020/Winter 2021 – Fire Academy being offered through Alpena Community College RTC (Regional Training Center)

Picture above from Alpena News highlighting the first graduating class of the first fire training academy offered in the fall 2018/winter 2019. Alpena Community College RTC will be offering another training academy starting in September 2020 for driver’s training. The township will pay the cost of the academy if a resident is interested in becoming a volunteer. To learn more about the academy, contact Dean of Workforce Development, Dawn Stone at stonedawn@alpenacc.edu or by phone at 989-358-7293. Be sure to contact the township fire chief if you think you may want to be part of our volunteer department – Neil MacArthur at 989-657-4757 or assistant chief, Paul Gersewski at 989-464-9635.
Any township resident interested in volunteering and completing training for firefighter and/or medical first responder, please contact Chief Neil MacArthur at (989) 657-4757
Back Row (LtoR) Brad Thomson, William MacArthur, Ethan Himes, Harold Lumsden, Asst. Chief Paul Gersewski, Chief Neil MacArthur, John Faulman, Tom Spaulding, Greg Durdik. Front Row (LtoR) Susie MacArthur, Kathy Himes, Darin Himes, Jarod Villareal, Mariah Krajniak (missing from photo: Emily Eagling, Andy Perrin, Adam Lumsden)
Photo courtesy of Brooke Gersewski

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Mechanical and Plumbing Permit Applications

Application form completion instructionsApplication form completion instructions

Mech Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

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Long Rapids School Final Day

Thursday June 10, 2010 at 4:00 pm classes were dismissed from Long Rapids School for what will most likely be the last time in the schools 50 year history. The mood was somber and many tears were shed as parents, grandparents, residents and former students gathered. As you can see from the picture below the students were were anxious and excited to start their summer break and some 4th graders jumped from their classroom window.

Knowing it was a sad day for many because of the schools closure, the Long Rapids Township Volunteer Fire Department and Alpena County Sheriff Department were requested to be on hand to help make this day a memorable one. The fire department set up on both sides of the driveway and formed a water arch for the buses loaded with students to pass through while Deputy J.P. Ritter, blocked traffic on Long Rapids Road. After the buses completed 3 passes each through the water arch, and the students appeared to be thoroughly soaked, Officer Ritter escorted the buses, followed by the fire trucks and several parents from the school to the Long Rapids Township hall parking lot where parents could pick up their children, if they wished.

A big THANK YOU to Officer Ritter and firemen, Neil, Scott, Paul, Tim and Adam for being on hand for this final farewell to the closing of our local elementary school and a great summer send-off of our the kids and community. You brought many smiles to both young and old as we reflected back on the 50 years of children’s laughter, Christmas programs, and the many school events we participated in.

Both the sheriff department and fire department have had a long history of being there for the students at the school through the DARE program and fire safety programs. Thank-you to all involved in both departments for your time and dedication to our students.

Our school has been blessed with many excellent staff and volunteers over the past 50 years. Many fine students and good test scores have consistently came out of Long Rapids School, which shows we have a great family community “full of heart” that cares about our children and their futures.

“THANK YOU” to all who have done so much, for so many years, for “OUR” school. The caring heart of our community, the many school memories and the pride we have, will live on long after the doors to the school have been closed for the final time.

Howard Lumsden,

Long Rapids Township Supervisor and former student

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Flags in Honor of Veterans placed in Cemetery

On Sunday May 30, 2010 flags were placed on all Veterans graves in honor of their service to our country. John Tinker developed the list of names and located the graves. Dale Thomson helped John place the flag holders on the grave sites and the Sunday School classes from Long Rapids Congregational Church placed the flags in the holders. Thank you to all who helped getting this done. If we missed someone please contact Howard Lumsden at 989-379-4755 so we can get a flag placed on the missed grave. It is pretty impressive to walk through the cemetery and see all of the flags. Long Rapids can be proud of all the dedicated Veterans and their service to our country.

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Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 5-18-2010



Todd Precord

Paul Gersewski

John Faulman

Vickie Ritter

Howard Lumsden, Twp Supervisor

Call To Order:

The meeting of Long Rapids Township Recreation Advisory Board was called to order at 7:06p.m. by Rec Board Chairman Todd Precord.

Secretary Minutes:

Minutes from April 20, 2010 meeting were provided to all in attendance. Motion by John, Second by Paul to approve minutes. Motion Passed.

All future meeting minutes will be sent via e-mail within 8 days of meeting.

Public Comment/Correspondence:


Old Business:

Had conference call with Denise Cline from NEMCOG to discuss our plan.

She advised us that we need to provide her with copies of the Recreation Board Bylaws / Resolution for inclusion in “Administrative” portion of proposal. Howard will forward this information to Denise.

Copies of township budget need to be included for financial portion of plan.

Denise needs to be advised of any agency / volunteer groups relationships that exist within the township.

Listed some recreation facilities within the township that will be included within the plans which include – Gleason Ball Field, Long Rapids Park, Sinkholes, Alpena to Hillman Snowmobile Trail and Alpena to Posen Snowmobile Trail.

Need to keep “Description of Planning Process” for inclusion in plan. This is basically a timeline of meetings that have occurred and what was accomplished at each meeting.

DNRE requires two (2) forms of public input. Options include (1) hold a public hearing which must be advertised two weeks in advance (2) hold a public input session or (3) mail-in survey. Public input session must be held prior to establishing draft. It was decided that we will hold a public input hearing during our next regularly schedule Rec Board Meeting. The results from the prior Twp Survey are posted on the township website for review.

Need to brainstorm on “trail” options. Funds are available for trail creation.

Discussed having Mark Hall from Campers Cove attend next meeting for his input on canoe launch areas.

Vickie will contact Denise regarding Public Input flyer. John will contact Alpena News for new article / meeting announcement.

Denise will begin drafting our Recreation Plan. She will forward the first three (3) chapters for us to review prior to the public input session. Any changes may be sent to Denise prior to meeting via email.

Next Meeting:

Public Input meeting will be held on July 20, 2010 at 7:00p.m. at Long Rapids Emergency Facility. Advisory board will meet following this session.


Motion by John, Second by Paul to adjourn meeting. Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:17p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Vickie Ritter


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Recreation Advisory Board

The Recreation Advisory Board held their organizational meeting April 20, 2010. We want to thank Todd, John, Vickie, Paul, & Joe for stepping forward to serve Long Rapids Township on this committee. They will now begin the task of developing a recreation plan for the township. This plan is needed for the township to be eligible for any State recreation grants. Please see the Recreation Advisory Board Tab for further information on the board members and the Meeting Schedule tab for meeting information. If you have any suggestions for recreation for the township please contact any of the board members.

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Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 4-20-2010



Todd Precord

Paul Gersewski

John Faulman

Joe Modrzejewski

Vickie Ritter

Howard Lumsden, Twp Supervisor

Call To Order:

The first meeting of Long Rapids Township Recreation Advisory Board was called to order at 7:00p.m. by Township Supervisor Howard Lumsden.

New Business:

Officer Elections:

Motion by Paul, Second by John to nominate Todd Precord as Advisory Board Chairman. Motion Passed.

Meeting turned over to Board Chairman Todd Precord.

Motion by Vickie, Second by Joe to nominate John Faulman as Advisory Board Vice Chairman. Motion Passed.

Motion by Paul, Second by Todd to nominate Vickie Ritter as Advisory Board Secretary. Motion Passed.

Board Appointment Terms:

Joe to serve with one (1) year appointment

Paul / John to serve two (2) year appointment

Todd / Vickie to serve (3) year appointment

Contact Information:

Collected Contact Information from Board Members

Joe Modrzejewski joemod101@yahoo.com 989-464-7128

Paul Gersewski gersewskifflr@charter.net 989-464-9635

John Faulman jjfaulman@verizon.net 989-379-4555, 989-354-2111 (work)

Todd Precord porter.2@netzero.net 989-255-3602

Vickie Ritter vickie@thunderbayelectric.com 989-657-5488

Howard Lumsden hlumsden@speednetllc.com

Internet Access:

Rec Advisory Board will have a page incorporated with the Township Board website @ www.longrapidstownship.org.

Meeting Schedules:

Quarterly regular meetings will be held on the third Tues of the month. July 20, 2010; October 21, 2010; Jan. 19, 2011 and April 20, 2011.


Discussed possible potential projects –

1) Basketball nets / courts at township hall

2) Improve canoe launches at river – Salina Road, Township Park, and Herron Road access

3) Improvements to Township Park – picnic area, bathroom, fishing platform etc..

4) Return of ice rink and potential locations

5) Ball diamond improvements

6) Adding additional length of time to winter basketball season at Twp Hall

7) Creation of hiking trails


Denise Cline is our NEMCOG representative. She will be in contact with us and providing us with additional information

DNR grant window is first part of year.

Howard provided all members with a copy of Wilson Township Rec Authority

Next Meeting:

Next meeting of advisory board to be held Tuesday, May 18, 2010 @ 7:00


Motion by John, Second by Paul to adjourn meeting. Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Vickie Ritter


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Recreation Advisory Board Meeting

The Long Rapids Township Recreation Advisory Board will meet April 20, 2010 at 7:00 PM at the Long Rapids Emergency Facility, 5310 M-65 North, Lachine, Michigan, 49753.
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Recycling Update

Recycling has been going well for the Alpena Area. The income from the sales of the recycled material is above the budgeted level. The 8 townships of Alpena County and the City of Alpena are working togather to find the best possible way to fund the program for the coming year. The success of the program depends on the residents that use it. Little thing like only dropping of the right material, removing caps and flattening cans and bottles, and making sure that materials are clean help us keep our expenses down. We appreciate the efforts of all the users in keeping the recycling sites neat and clean.

Reminder:The Alpena County clean up day will be Saturday May 15, 2010, at the Resource Recovery Facility on M-32 starting at 8 AM. We will be accepting appliances, furniture, electronics, and tires. Watch for ads in the Alpena News and future posts on the web site.

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