Planning Commission Minutes 12-9-2009

Long Rapids Township Planning Commission

The December 9, 2009, meeting of the Long Rapids Township Planning Commission was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman John Faulman in the Township Emergency Facility.

Roll call was taken by Chairman Faulman with all members present. Also present was Howard Lumsden.

Ken Oke made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Alex Krajniak. Motion passed.

After the minutes of the previous meeting were read by Wendy Johnson, a motion was made by Richard Kraft and seconded by John Faulman to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Citizen Comments – None.

Correspondence – None.

Old Business – John distributed a revised version of the zoning violation complaint form. He had made some changes to it which included adding a number for filing purposes. John did some investigating and found out a citizen issued and violation complaint could appeal to the board of appeals. Therefore, John changed the wording in letter E on the second page of the zoning administrator form to reflect this. He also added a number 8 to this page explaining how a conflict of interest is dealt with. Everyone agreed with the changes and stated the next step was to ask the Long Rapids Township Board to approve it at their next meeting.

Discussion held regarding changing our current zoning fees which haven’t changed in a number of years. We discussed having the price of holding a special meeting of the planning commission changed to $200 and the cost would only be $100 if the meeting was held during a regular meeting of ours. If our zoning board of appeals needed to meet the price would be $150. These prices are still low compared to other townships. Everyone agreed on the changes and John offered to type up the proposed amounts and take to a Long Rapids Township Board meeting as they have the final decision on this.

Seminars – No new ones. Howard mentioned he attended a zoning administrator crash course which was valuable; however, he stated the scope of the seminar was way too big to fit into a three hour course.

Richard mentioned he has had two people ask him about height of stove pipes so neighbors don’t get smoked out. This was dealt with years ago and everyone that has an outdoor wood burner currently is grandfathered in anyway.

New Business – John mentioned someone talked to him about wanting to re-do their building on the river. They actually wanted to build even closer to the river so John looked into his book and copied the section on extension, addition or enlargement for us to review. After some discussion and review of other townships’ wording we decided to change our verbage to match Presque Isle’s which makes more sense. We also discussed adding verbage pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act in our general/residential rules for the township. John to write something up for the committee to review at the next meeting.

We also reviewed #2 of our Article II, Agricultural District which states the owner or proprietor of a tract of land in the agricultural district may not partition more than 3 parcels not less than 1 acre for non-farm uses within a 10 year period. We can’t have this wording because the Land Division Act supercedes us. Our zoning doesn’t say how many times land can be split. We discussed what to do with this wording and the vote was to eliminate it. John will make the changes.

We also discussed #4 of this same article which states any private road entering a public road and serving, or planned to serve 3 or more residences, shall be built to the local road construction standard of the county road commission. Ken doesn’t like the wording on this and feels it will be a problem someday. John to look into and write up a revision to this section.

Ken Oke’s term expires in March 2010 and he is not interested in another term. Someone new will need to be appointed before March.

Denise Kline is working on the parks and recreation plan for our township. We discussed how it is a board decision on who will serve on the parks and recreation committee. John stated he would volunteer if no one else does.

At 9:05 pm Richard Kraft moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ken Oke.

The next regular meeting shall be held on March 10, 2010, at 7:30 p.m. in the Long Rapids Township Emergency Facility.

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