Planning Commission Minutes 3-17-2010

Long Rapids Township Planning Commission

The March 17, 2010, (regular meeting on 3/10/10 was postponed until 3/17/10) meeting of the Long Rapids Township Planning Commission was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman John Faulman in the Township Emergency Facility.

Roll call was taken by Chairman Faulman with all members present. Also present was Howard Lumsden.

Richard Kraft made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Arlen Wallace. Motion passed.

After the minutes of the previous meeting were read by Wendy Johnson, a motion was made by Richard Kraft and seconded by Arlen Wallace to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Citizen Comments – Howard mentioned we need to think about the closing of Long Rapids School and what it may be used for in the future such as offices or a care home. Discussion held regarding the current zoning of the school and the team felt we were okay with the current zoning and can address it further if the school is ever going to be used in a different manner.

Correspondence – John stated he received a draft of Wilson Township’s master plan. Due to the quarterly fashion of our meetings the timeframe has lapsed for us to review their plan and get feedback to them; therefore, Wilson’s final plan will probably be sent soon. John mentioned if anyone wants to review it just let him know. John also heard from Fran Brink at Wade Trim. She reported Maple Ridge Township will be doing their master plan soon and was asking in what format did we want to review it. John had told her in a CD versus hard copy. John expects he will receive this soon and we can review it if we wish. Every five years we need to review our plan and it will be nice to have updated copies of the other townships’ plans to make comparisons.

Old Business – John stated he didn’t get a chance to attend a Long Rapids Township Board meeting to review the zoning complaint procedures and change in zoning fees. Wendy to review with the Board at the next regular meeting in April.

John made the necessary changes we discussed at the last meeting to #2 of our Article II, Agricultural District. This included deleting the sentence which states the owner or proprietor of a tract of land in the agricultural district may not partition more than 3 parcels not less than 1 acre for non-farm uses within a 10 year period. We couldn’t have this wording because the Land Division Act supercedes us.

We again discussed #4 of this same article which states any private road entering a public road and serving, or planned to serve 3 or more residences, shall be built to the local road construction standard of the county road commission. We discussed how this appears to relate to a subdivision and how perhaps we shouldn’t have #4 listed in the ag section at all. Maybe it should be in the general division. John stated this sentence came into existence approximately 5 years ago when the ordinance needed to state as such if you have a population over x. Well we’ve always been way under x. The team felt the sentence is not serving any purpose where it is and could potentially be a problem. Decision made to delete #4 and look at PUD revisions. John offered to check into before our next meeting.

John distributed a zoning amendment revision regarding the issue of someone wanting to re-do their building on the river and build closer to the river. Everyone liked the revision with the exception of moving the verbage pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act to our general provisions section. We don’t want to put a burden on a disabled person and make them have to file a variance request to build a ramp. We may want to add wording that a building inspector or whomever can make the appropriate decisions so the disabled wouldn’t need to come before the board. John will work on the verbage of this. John stated he is trying to make all these ordinance updates at one time so we only have to publish once.

New Business – Everyone welcomed our new member Arlen Wallace. Arlen stated he is looking forward to helping out.

Election of officers for 2010-2011. Richard made a motion to have John Faulman be our Chairman, Arlen Wallace our Vice Chair and Wendy Johnson the secretary. Alex seconded the motion. Motion passed.

2010-2011 meeting dates will be June 9, 2010, September 8, 2010, December 8, 2010 and March 9, 2011. John posted these on the board at the hall.

Howard mentioned the Long Rapids Township Board appointed a Parks and Recreation Committee which includes John Faulman, Joe Modrzjewski, Paul Gersewski, Vicki Ritter and Todd Precord. Denise Kline will be contacting John regarding setting up an organizational meeting with the committee. Howard stated the DNR has a considerable amount of money available for grants. We probably will get 100% funding on a lot of our projects!

At 8:45 p.m. John Faulman moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Richard Kraft.

The next regular meeting shall be held on June 9, 2010, at 7:30 p.m. in the Long Rapids Township Emergency Facility.

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