Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 9-9-2009

Long Rapids Township Planning Commission

The September 9, 2009, meeting of the Long Rapids Township Planning Commission was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman John Faulman in the Township Emergency Facility.

Roll call was taken by Chairman Faulman with all members present. Also present was Howard Lumsden.

Alex Krajniak made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Richard Kraft. Motion passed.

After the minutes of the previous meeting were read by Wendy Johnson, a motion was made by Ken Oke and seconded by Richard Kraft to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Citizen Comments – None.

Correspondence – None.

Old Business – John distributed a copy of the master plan to all committee members. He mentioned we do have the master plan on a cd plus four more paper copies.

Seminars – There are some seminars through NEMCOG and MSU; however, most of them will not benefit our planning commission. Howard will try to attend the zoning administrator crash course since he didn’t get a chance to catch it at Treetops.

John passed out a rough draft of a zoning violation complaint form. After some discussion, everyone felt the form looked like something we would want to use. This is something the zoning administrator (Howard) would use when someone has a complaint. Howard does have an enforcement form beyond this form he can use if need be. Ken felt we need a good spot to file these complaint forms and that it should have a numbering system in order to be able to find these at a later date. John to look into the issue of what a person can do if an issue is brought to Howard and they don’t agree. The question is can the person take the issue right to the zoning board of appeals. John asked everyone to review the rough draft of the zoning administrator he distributed and we will discuss at the next meeting in more detail.

New Business – Howard mentioned the township is proceeding to form a parks and recreation advisory board. There is a recommendation from NEMCOG that a member from either the township board or the planning commission sit on the recreation board. Howard explained that he has a copy of the Wilson park and recreation plan and basically we could use a lot of the same wording. The cost of having the plan created is $4,800 and he is hoping it passes tomorrow night at the regular township board meeting. He further explained that a parks and recreation plan is needed to apply for any type of grants to enhance the township.

Howard reported our website is partially designed. Howard has to meet with the developer again to finalize some items.

John noticed our fee structure for zoning and special use permits was last changed in 1997. He is not sure if it is a good time to raise fees or not, but it has been quite some time. John will make a recommendation to the Board to see what they would like to do with it. Wendy will call John with the exact amount committee members are paid at every meeting.

At 7:50 pm Ken Oke moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Alex Krajniak.

The next regular meeting shall be held on December 9, 2009, at 7:30 p.m. in the Long Rapids Township Emergency Facility.

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