Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 5-18-2010



Todd Precord

Paul Gersewski

John Faulman

Vickie Ritter

Howard Lumsden, Twp Supervisor

Call To Order:

The meeting of Long Rapids Township Recreation Advisory Board was called to order at 7:06p.m. by Rec Board Chairman Todd Precord.

Secretary Minutes:

Minutes from April 20, 2010 meeting were provided to all in attendance. Motion by John, Second by Paul to approve minutes. Motion Passed.

All future meeting minutes will be sent via e-mail within 8 days of meeting.

Public Comment/Correspondence:


Old Business:

Had conference call with Denise Cline from NEMCOG to discuss our plan.

She advised us that we need to provide her with copies of the Recreation Board Bylaws / Resolution for inclusion in “Administrative” portion of proposal. Howard will forward this information to Denise.

Copies of township budget need to be included for financial portion of plan.

Denise needs to be advised of any agency / volunteer groups relationships that exist within the township.

Listed some recreation facilities within the township that will be included within the plans which include – Gleason Ball Field, Long Rapids Park, Sinkholes, Alpena to Hillman Snowmobile Trail and Alpena to Posen Snowmobile Trail.

Need to keep “Description of Planning Process” for inclusion in plan. This is basically a timeline of meetings that have occurred and what was accomplished at each meeting.

DNRE requires two (2) forms of public input. Options include (1) hold a public hearing which must be advertised two weeks in advance (2) hold a public input session or (3) mail-in survey. Public input session must be held prior to establishing draft. It was decided that we will hold a public input hearing during our next regularly schedule Rec Board Meeting. The results from the prior Twp Survey are posted on the township website for review.

Need to brainstorm on “trail” options. Funds are available for trail creation.

Discussed having Mark Hall from Campers Cove attend next meeting for his input on canoe launch areas.

Vickie will contact Denise regarding Public Input flyer. John will contact Alpena News for new article / meeting announcement.

Denise will begin drafting our Recreation Plan. She will forward the first three (3) chapters for us to review prior to the public input session. Any changes may be sent to Denise prior to meeting via email.

Next Meeting:

Public Input meeting will be held on July 20, 2010 at 7:00p.m. at Long Rapids Emergency Facility. Advisory board will meet following this session.


Motion by John, Second by Paul to adjourn meeting. Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:17p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Vickie Ritter


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