Long Rapids School Final Day

Thursday June 10, 2010 at 4:00 pm classes were dismissed from Long Rapids School for what will most likely be the last time in the schools 50 year history. The mood was somber and many tears were shed as parents, grandparents, residents and former students gathered. As you can see from the picture below the students were were anxious and excited to start their summer break and some 4th graders jumped from their classroom window.

Knowing it was a sad day for many because of the schools closure, the Long Rapids Township Volunteer Fire Department and Alpena County Sheriff Department were requested to be on hand to help make this day a memorable one. The fire department set up on both sides of the driveway and formed a water arch for the buses loaded with students to pass through while Deputy J.P. Ritter, blocked traffic on Long Rapids Road. After the buses completed 3 passes each through the water arch, and the students appeared to be thoroughly soaked, Officer Ritter escorted the buses, followed by the fire trucks and several parents from the school to the Long Rapids Township hall parking lot where parents could pick up their children, if they wished.

A big THANK YOU to Officer Ritter and firemen, Neil, Scott, Paul, Tim and Adam for being on hand for this final farewell to the closing of our local elementary school and a great summer send-off of our the kids and community. You brought many smiles to both young and old as we reflected back on the 50 years of children’s laughter, Christmas programs, and the many school events we participated in.

Both the sheriff department and fire department have had a long history of being there for the students at the school through the DARE program and fire safety programs. Thank-you to all involved in both departments for your time and dedication to our students.

Our school has been blessed with many excellent staff and volunteers over the past 50 years. Many fine students and good test scores have consistently came out of Long Rapids School, which shows we have a great family community “full of heart” that cares about our children and their futures.

“THANK YOU” to all who have done so much, for so many years, for “OUR” school. The caring heart of our community, the many school memories and the pride we have, will live on long after the doors to the school have been closed for the final time.

Howard Lumsden,

Long Rapids Township Supervisor and former student

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