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(Amended October 11, 2001)

1 Burials are not permitted on lots not having perpetual care.

2. All adult and child burials shall be in steel or concrete receptacles or vaults.

3. No persons shall pick or mutilate any flowers, wild or domestic, or disturb any tree, shrub or any other plant material.

4. No person shall consume refreshments or alcoholic beverages in the cemetery or carry same upon the premises.

5. Deposit rubbish or debris on cemetery grounds, in container provided.

6. The Township shall not be financially responsible for any damage to lots or structures or objects thereon, or for flowers or articles removed from any lot or grave.

7. A person driving in the cemetery shall be responsible for any damage done by the vehicle.

8. Fences, curbing, benches, steps, wooden structures or other perishable materials are prohibited.

9. Any existing structures or enclosures on any cemetery lot shall be removed by cemetery personnel when they hinder lot care or when they have become unsightly.

10. No elevated mounds shall be permitted above the grade determined by the Township.

11. The use of glass jars or bottles as receptacles for cut flowers is prohibited.

12. Summer decorations may be maintained on gravesites from May 1st to October 15th of each year. Winter decorations may be maintained on gravesites from October 21st to April 25th. Any decorations remaining on the gravesites between October 15th and October 20th or April 25th and April 30th, not disposed of by the owner, shall be removed by cemetery management and discarded.

13. No hedge planting shall be permitted.

14. Plantings on cemetery graves or lots shall be permitted only under direction of cemetery supervision.

15. Burial markers or grave memorials shall conform to the maximum size regulations detailed in the definitional section below.

16. Artificial grave decorations containing metals, including wire are hereby prohibited.

17. No person shall place or cause to be erected any grave or lot marker without first consulting cemetery supervision.

18. Individual burial markers, such as supplied by funeral directors shall be permitted on the grave for a 30-day period after burial.

19. The superintendent of the cemetery shall not be held responsible for errors in location of graves on lots arising from improper instructions by lot owners.

20. Cemetery hours: Day light hours. Entry at other times prohibited.

21. The following are prohibited in the cemeteries: Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Horses, and Dogs.

22. Wellington Township Residents shall be considered the same as Long Rapids Township Residents in regards to the use of the cemetery until such time the agreement between the two Townships is terminated.

23. Fees: The Township Board shall, from time to time, set rates for the purchase of cemetery lots for residents and for nonresidents and the rates for the purpose of perpetual care relating thereto on a resident and non-resident basis.

24. Purchasing of Lots: Sale shall be limited to four gravesites to any one person or husband and wife entity at any one time. Any additional purchases shall be made only after these four sites have been utilized unless special permission is granted to make additional purchases by owners of unused graves by the Township Board.

25. The Long Rapids Township Board of Supervisors retains the right of first refusal concerning the transfer by sale, assignment, or gift of any lot or lots. Therefore, no graves or lots shall be sold, assigned or gifted by the original purchaser or their heirs unless first offered for resale to the Township Board. If the Board determines in its discretion to repurchase, then the price paid therefore shall be 90% of the original purchase price.

26. If a resident buries a non-resident in his lot any additional purchases will be at a non-resident price.

27. Any transfer of ownership of Long Rapids grave sites or lots shall be registered with the Long Rapids Township Board of Trustees. Such registration shall be either in writing addressed to the Long Rapids Township Clerk, or by appearance at a regular Long Rapids Township Board of Trustees meeting, which change in ownership shall then be recorded in the regular minutes. Registration of change of ownership shall include the name and address of the original owner and the name and address of the transferee, as well as a description of the lot or sites so transferred. Any transfer after March 11, 1993 which has not been registered with the township as detailed herein may not be recognized by Long Rapids Township. This paragraph shall not be construed to waive any right of first refusal the Township of Long Rapids has as detailed in paragraph 26.

28. The Board shall also pass such additional regulations as deemed appropriate.

29. A separate certificate shall be issued by the Township for each gravesite. Each certificate shall be titled to a single individual. Only one site per individual may be registered.

30. If a resident is indigent and cannot afford a lot or perpetual care, the Long Rapids Township Board may, elect to provide a burial plot at Township expense.

31. Fees:

RESIDENTS 1grave $ 25.00

NON-RESIDENTS 1grave $ 50.00

Perpetual care $125.00 per gravesite. Perpetual care must be paid when the site is purchased.


(a) A resident is a person who lives within Long Rapids or Wellington Township and has all the qualifications of a registered voter in either Township.

(b) Grave markers or memorials shall be no larger than, and shall be proportional in accordance with the following:

1. Head Stone a) Height maximum – 20 inches

b) Width maximum – 30 inches

c) Thickness maximum – 6 inches

2. Base a) Width maximum – 12 inches

b) Length maximum – 40 inches

c) Thickness maximum – 6 inches

d) Setback – The headstone shall be of a proportion to the base so as to provide at least 2 inches clearance as measured around the edge of the headstone to the outside edge of the base.

3. Platform a) Length maximum – 48 inches x 20 inches

b) Thickness maximum – 3 inches

c) Proportion – the platform shall be in proportion to the base so as to allow no more than 4 inches clearance as measured from the outside edge of the base to the edge of the platform.